History of NZ Rally

In the year 1931, a young Christian businessman, the proprietor of a cycle shop in Newmarket, Auckland, had a strong conviction about starting a club for boys.

He sold many bicycles to newspaper delivery boys on hire purchase and each week as he wrote out receipts for instalments, he felt a growing concern for their spiritual welfare. To him these boys were not just customers but became his friends. They confided in him and asked his advice about their problems, and he longed to be a help to them in some real and lasting way.

A club was started in a rented hall and was called the Newmarket Boys Rally. It had a membership of over 100. Willing Christian helpers were co-opted to assist in a programme of games, singing, supper and talks based on Bible teaching and Christian ethics.

This Rally ceased during WW2, but was recommenced as the war finished. This time a more complete programme was organised including uniforms, badges, handbooks and Leaders Manuals.

The re-organised movement was then given the name of EVERY BOY'S RALLY.
Girls from 1930 onwards had organised clubs, but it was not until late 1944 that they patterned their organisation on the Boy’s Rally and adopted the name of EVERY GIRLS RALLY 

International Rallies

Northern Ireland Rallies

Rallies have been running in Northern Ireland for over 50 years. There are Rallies in Bangor, Newtownards, Dundonald, Finaghy, Armagh, Rathcoole, Seaview and Crescent Church.

​Australia Rallies

In 1967, prompted by an enquiry by John West, an interest developed in the Rally movement and Mr Pat Paterson of Sydney, who was visiting Perth, was invited to share with us the benefits of this work. Arising from this a local Committee was established in October, 1967, with Miss Jean Lewis as the first Secretary. 

The possibilities of this work caught the imagination of many, and Rallies were established in several Assemblies - Balga, Bedford, Hamilton Hill, Tuart Hill, Wilson and Kurrawang. Things developed quickly and in May, 1968, Tuart Hill had their first Rally Sunday with 175 children and parents attending. The first Annual Sports Day was held at C.Y.C. at Lake Cooloongup in 1969. 

To everybody's surprise these sports were won by Kurrawang both for marching and sports. The secret was, of course, that as the Aboriginal children at Kurrawang lived in close proximity to each other, it was easy to get them together for practice with their enthusiastic leaders. Their natural athletic abilities also aided them tremendously.

​Indian Rallies

India’s Girls Camp
480 girls turned up to go to camp! Phew! Also the temperatures were 106-108 degrees – Phew!! This is what Colleen Redit wrote: “It was the largest number we have ever had. It was impossible to sit everyone in the chapel. We had to quickly divide the camp into 2 sections. All those under 13 years of age we separated and sent them as a Junior camp to the upstairs hall. All those 14 and above became the senior camp which we held downstairs in the chapel. We combined only for sports and after dinner activities. We also had different meal times, and instead of it being a problem it actually worked very well. Praise the Lord. 

From the beginning of our camp until the end, we had no sickness, no problems and all behaved properly.” “The Lord did exceedingly and abundantly above anything we expected. In all the devotions, we had girls accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. More than 150 came to know the Lord. There were also many who had backslidden who recommitted their lives. On Friday evening around 65 girls surrendered their lives for Missionary Service. This was very serious and all those who did this really meant deeply their commitment.” 

On Friday night they had a Testimony meeting . It lasted from 9:30pm until 1:30am. 163 girls got up one after another, to share how the Lord had worked in their lives.

India Boy’s Camp
We had over 300 come to our Boys Camp along with a wonderful team of our men staff and some of our ladies. We had 27 from the Tsunami village and one of them participated in the Sermonette competition. It was such an encouragement to me to see 6 to 8 of the new men staff so capably involved in the Camp, and to see the confidence and Spiritual growth of our Speakers. Colleen Redit writes, “When I spoke on Friday evening, 80 boys came forward to receive salvation and 15 for dedication of their lives. Previously 33 had accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. On Saturday morning, three-quarters of the boys came forward for prayer, and it was wonderful to see all our staff praying for each one individually.” At the testimony meeting on Friday night, 80 gave a testimony. As we counselled many of the boys, we found that so many of them had many problems in their lives and hailed from very unhappy backgrounds. Just listening to them broke our hearts.The Leader’s had a Bible study in the mornings. Colleen spoke on different aspects of leadership, which was a blessing to everyone. They have specially emphasised to all their staff who counselled boys, that they should keep in touch with them and follow up with them very carefully so they continue to grow in their faith. The Lord really blessed the Camp ministry in May. (Both the Boy’s & Girls camps) What rejoicing there will be in Heaven!!, and what an encouragement to all the Leaders.

NZ Rally Council

The Rally Council usually meets twice a year – March and September. Rally Council members come from around NZ – there are currently 2 from the South Island and 7 from the North Island. Recently we have been inviting a NZ Rally leader to Council meetings so we can meet them, and they in turn can see something of what Council does.

  • Minutes, correspondence and financial reports.
  • Reports from Rally Supplies, Award marking, Leader Magazine and Members reviewed
  • Leaders Badge Manual update 
  • Senior National Camp
  • Leadership Training Course
  • Rally Arura
  • Planning on Rally Leaders Conference
  • Cookbook development
  • Insurance needs
  • Website development
  • Promoting Rallies
  • Vision update

NZ Rally Council Members

Laurence Buschl, 243 Main Rd., Hope, NELSON.
Ph. 03 544 5303

Jon Church, 219 Papamoa Beach Rd., PAPAMOA 3118
(07) 572 4210 021 738 958

Dale McClunie, 585 O’Shea Rd., RD6, TE AWAMUTU.
Ph 07 871 9474 021 239 2979

Darryl McConnell, 41 Golf Rd., MT MAUNGANUI 
021 287 9407

Sue Padfield, 23D Moorfield Rd., RD2, TE KAUWHATA 3782
027 438 8766

Jane Savill, McMillan Rd., RD1, KATIKATI
Ph 07 549 1646 021 126 8573

Sarah Thurlow, 151 Okauia Springs Rd., RD1, MATAMATA 3471.
Ph 021 297 1935

Mark Grace
PO Box 744, Palmerston North
Ph: 06 328 7977

NZ Rally Supplies

To order badges, certificates, membership cards, material and cookbooks.

Ruth Turner 
P - 07 888 8366
E - nzrallysupplies@gmail.com

Postal Address
NZ Rally Supplies

263 Morgan Rd, RD2

Matamata  3472

Your Rally members come and enjoy a great programme each week/fortnight but you can send them home with further good input 4 times a year with the Members Mags. There’s the Bible quiz, members’ contributions, jokes, puzzles, activities, stories and information. Current price is $6.00 per year. 

And here’s an idea: there are boxes of back copies at NZ Rally Supplies. I will send you some (no charge except for postage).

Give each Rally member a copy of the same issue and then run a quiz game where all answers can be found in the magazine. You could probably expand this idea to cover a whole programme using the puzzles and craft activities etc found in the magazine. 

75th Rally Jubilee

Was held 21st - 23rd June 2019

Willow Park Camp, Eastern Beach, Auckland


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