History of NZ Rally

In the year 1931, a young Christian businessman, the proprietor of a cycle shop in Newmarket, Auckland, had a strong conviction about starting a club for boys. Little did he know, it would become history.

He sold many bicycles to newspaper delivery boys on hire purchase and each week as he wrote out receipts for instalments, he felt a growing concern for their spiritual welfare. To him these boys were not just customers but became his friends. They confided in him and asked his advice about their problems, and he longed to be a help to them in some real and lasting way.

A club was started in a rented hall and was called the 'Newmarket Boys Rally'. It had a membership of over 100 boys. Willing Christian helpers were co-opted to assist in a programme of games, singing, supper and talks based on Bible teaching and Christian ethics.

This Rally ceased during WW2, but was recommenced as the war finished. This time, a more complete programme was organised including uniforms, badges, handbooks and Leader's Manuals.

The re-organised movement was then given the name of 'EVERY BOY'S RALLY'.
Girls from 1930 onwards had organised clubs, but it was not until late 1944 that they patterned their organisation on the Boy’s Rally and adopted the name of 'EVERY GIRLS RALLY'.  


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