NZ Rally Trust Board

The NZ Rally Trust Board usually meets twice a year – March and September. Rally Trust Board members come from around NZ – there are currently 2 from the South Island and 7 from the North Island. Recently we have been inviting a NZ Rally leader to Trust Board meetings so we can meet them, and they in turn can see something of what NZ Rally Trust Board does.

  • Minutes, correspondence and financial reports.
  • Reports from Rally Supplies, Award marking, Leader Magazine and Members reviewed
  • Leaders Badge Manual update 
  • Senior National Camp
  • Leadership Training Course
  • Rally Arura
  • Planning on Rally Leaders Conference
  • Cookbook development
  • Insurance needs
  • Website development
  • Promoting Rallies
  • Vision update

NZ Rally Council Members

Jon Church

Sarah Thurlow

Dale McClunie

Sue Padfield

Mark Grace


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