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The Bible tells the story of a lady and gives her two different names. One name she is called is her Hebrew name – the other is what it is in Greek. 

Tell the story (or read it) of Dorcas in your own words.

This story is both sad and exciting. What was sad? (Dorcas died) What was exciting? (Dorcas came back to life)

What was special about Dorcas? (She could sew and she cared for the poor, but she wasn’t ‘special’ in any way) 

Dorcas was just a very ordinary person. Most of us are ordinary, average people aren’t we? 
But the Bible records her story. And it tells us some things about her that we can also be like. 
..She loved other people. 
..She wanted to help other people.
..She used what abilities she had to help others. 

You know Dorcas wasn’t famous. She didn’t have a responsible job in the community. She probably wasn’t very rich. She may not have been married or had children of her own. But we do know she could sew, and she cared very much for others especially the poor. 
Dorcas/Tabitha, made clothes for people and she didn’t ask any money for them. These were clothes to help those who couldn’t afford them. Dorcas didn’t have lots of money to give to people, she wasn’t a queen, or even on the city council, so she couldn’t order other people to help the poor. Maybe she was good at cooking or gardening too, but the Bible only tells us that she was very good at sewing and that she used that ability to help others. 

We all know some friends who seem to have everything don’t we.... a big house, a flash car, lots of money to spend, they go on expensive holidays, and wear the latest fashion clothes, or they are beautiful, brainy and popular. It’s easy to get a little jealous of them too isn’t it. 

But we must all remember that God made us just like we are because he has a special job for us to do for Him and we can do it best because of who we are. Maybe we don’t think we are clever enough. Or maybe we wish we were different, or even that we could do more if we were like someone else. But God has given us all gifts- as He has chosen to – and we mustn’t want what others have. We must look around and see what WE can do. 

Dorcas had 2 special gifts that we know of – she was able to sew well and she cared for people. 

What abilities or gifts might we have that we could use to help other people? (ask for suggestions on what gifts we might have and how we could use them for others) eg:
.. Baking – for sick people, busy people
.. friendliness – many lonely girls at school at would like you to include them in your group of friends.
.. reading – to children, old folks, help slow learners to read better
.. Music – giving others pleasure, be part of band
.. sport – represent your school

There are so many things you can do and learn. At Rally you learn how to make things, and also about God. You learn things at home and at school. No-one can be good at everything. But we can try different things, and see what we can do well, and what we enjoy. Because often God wants us to do things we enjoy and are good at. 
Always remember to help others. The gifts God has given us are for us to use wisely – not selfishly just for ourselves. Dorcas sewed beautifully, but not just to give herself nice clothes. She wanted to please God and help others, and that was one way she could. Think how you can too.


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