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Mary of Bethany

Readings Luke 10 v 38-41. 

It was very hot and dusty walking along the road, and Jesus was so thirsty and tired. But he didn’t have much further to go. Jesus and some of his disciples were nearly at a town called Bethany. There some of their friends were, and they would give them food, drink and a place to stay. 
Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived here and when they saw Jesus approaching there was great joy. Lazarus went out to meet and welcome his guest and friend, while Martha set about arranging a meal and tidying the house. Mary just wandered outside and when Jesus sat down, she also sat down at his feet and prepared to listen to him talking and sharing truths about God. Jesus always shared with them about God, heaven, how he had to die and rise again, and how we should live and act. 
It was fascinating for Mary. She loved to listen and learn all she could. And Jesus explained things so clearly. 

But Martha was not happy. Martha was very busy trying to clean the house, and cook the meal, and fuss around to have everything perfect. She was also grumbling..... ‘All this work to do. Where’s Mary? Sitting and relaxing I suppose, while I do all the work. I never get time to do that. She should be here helping me.’

In the end Martha sent a message out to Jesus – ‘Why do you let Mary just sit around and listen. Don’t you care that she has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her to come and help me.’
But do you know what Jesus replied? He said ‘Martha, you are worried about so many things – but really only one thing is important – and Mary has chosen that one thing.’
What do you think that one thing was? (listening to what Jesus says)

That is one of the most important things for us to remember too. If it was best for Mary and Martha it is best for us too. We should always listen to what Jesus says. 

Well now, how can WE listen to Jesus. He is not here for us to sit beside. He is not here on the earth now as He was then, so how do we listen to Him? (reading the Bible) – Jesus, who is God, speaks to us through the Bible. So that means it is very important to read our Bibles doesn’t it. 
What sort of things does Jesus tell us in the Bible? (ask another leader to write on a card or board their answers – help mum, be kind to others, obey parents, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t kill, be trustworthy, be fair and honest, love God etc)
To God you are very special. He loves you. And He has so much to share with you. The best way to learn about God is to sit and listen to stories about Him like you do at Rally or church, and to read your Bible or to get Mum or Dad to read it to you. That’s the way God talks to you, and that really pleases Him. 

1 down – What did Mary do when Jesus came? (listened)
2 across - How can we show Jesus we love Him? (obeying)
3 down – Where do we find Jesus advice and instruction? (Bible)
4 across – Who should we always listen to? (Jesus)
5 down – What was Mary’s sisters name? (Martha)
5 across – Who does Jesus want to have listening to Him? (me)
6 across – Who was Mary’s brother? (Lazarus)


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