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Ten Commandments

Introduction to Series No.1

Goal: ‘Chaos without rules – Order with rules’
Scripture: Deuteronomy 5:1, 28-29, 32-33 / 6:1-7, 17-25
Main Teaching:

What does the word commandment mean?
Why do we need rules? (Could play a game without giving them any rules and see what chaos ensues)
Why did God give them to us?
God didn’t give us rules so that we would fail; God gave us rules to help us win in life!

Goal: ‘Disobedience brings punishment – Obedience brings joy and satisfaction’
Scripture: Deuteronomy 11:26-28, 2 Chronicles 24:20, Proverbs 19:16, 13:13
Main Teaching:

So now we have the rules, what are we going to do? Obey or disobey them?

Whether we obey or disobey we are telling God how we feel:

.. Obedience tells God we love Him (John 14:15 & 21a, 1 John 5:3)
.. Disobedience tells God we don’t respect Him

Whether we obey or disobey there will be a result:

.. Obedience brings a reward from God (we live, prosper and prolong our days)
.. Disobedience brings a punishment from God (Ephesians 5:6)

1st Commandment 
Goal: ‘No other gods – Keep God first’
Scripture: Exodus 20:3
Main Teaching:

Show a variety of other gods (pictures of money, sporting heroes, pop stars, etc)

God is the only true God, the only one who offers eternal life (true life)

Hand Signal: 

Right hand: Thumb up “God is number One”

2nd Commandment 
Goal: ‘No image of God – Keep God as spirit’
Scripture: Exodus 20:4-6
Main Teaching:

We need to have a true understanding of God

Show pictures of Father Christmas, Superman, god throwing thunderbolts

We need to look to the Bible and Jesus Christ to see who God really is.

Hand Signal: 

Right hand: Index finger held up like an idol “No idols”

3rd Commandment 
Goal: ‘No swearing – Honour God’s name’
Scripture: Exodus 20:7
Main Teaching:

What does your name mean?
Why are names important?
What are some of the names of God? 

(Hand out verses for children to find out some of the names of God)
Hand Signal: 

Right hand: Thumb and first two fingers make talking mouth “No swearing”

4th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No work on God’s day – Keep God’s day holy’
Scripture: Exodus 20:8-11
Main Teaching:

Use creation story to show pattern of rest (Genesis 1-2:3)

Special day to honour and worship God

Hand Signal: 

Right hand: Thumb and little finger held down, three middle fingers held up to form W “Worship God”

5th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No disobeying – Honour parents’
Scripture: Exodus 20:12
Main Teaching:

Story of Esther: She honoured her ‘parent’ Mordecai, and eventually saved her people

Hand Signal: 

Right hand: Make a fist, hold up bent little finger, wiggle up and down and say in a squeaky voice “Children obey your parents”

6th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No murder – Respect for Life’
Scripture: Exodus 20:13
Main Teaching:

Story of King David where he finds King Saul in a cave and won’t kill him (1 Samuel 24).

Hatred / murder starts in the heart

Hand Signal: 

Left hand: Little finger in a stabbing motion “No murder”

7th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No adultery – Honour Marriage’
Scripture: Exodus 20:14
Main Teaching:

Talk about the importance of faithfulness in all relationships and especially marriage

Possibly talk about the effects of unfaithfulness in marriage and why God’s pattern / plan is best

Hand Signal: 

Left hand: Hold left hand up and wriggle ring finger with right hand “Stay with the one you marry”

8th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No stealing – Work’
Scripture: Exodus 20:15
Main Teaching:

Role play about someone stealing, with the level of crime escalating

Talk about the effect that loss has on people and the value of working for your possessions

Hand Signal: 

Left hand: Thumb and first two fingers in grabbing/stealing motion “No stealing”

9th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No lying – Tell the truth’
Scripture: Exodus 20:16
Main Teaching:

Story of Peblos – problem with lying, the missionary got him to hammer a nail into the gate for every lie that he told. Even though he could remove the nails the results were still there

Hand Signal: 

Left hand: Index finger held up and waved back and forth as if telling someone off “No lying”

10th Commandment 
Goal: ‘No coveting – Be content’
Scripture: Exodus 20:17
Main Teaching:

Story of Achan (Joshua 7)

Coveting is at the root of many of the sins that we commit. It destroys our happiness and causes great distress.

Hand Signal: 

Left hand: Make a fist with the thumb kept straight – this forms an ‘e’ for ‘envy’ with the index finger and thumb “No envy”


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