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God made me special

God can see my Heart

Memory verse: 1 Samuel 16:7. God says, “I do not judge as man judges. Man looks at the outward appearance but I look at the heart.”

Pin pictures on a board of people‟s faces – those who look kind but are cruel, or who look nice but have hurt people. And some who look ugly or scary but are generous and helpful (showing that you can‟t judge by outward appearances). Point to one picture and ask „what do you think they are like? After they tell you, pin under them „murderer‟ or „burglar‟…. Do this to a few to show the meaning of our lesson. (You might find Google images helpful here)

Remember last week how Saul disobeyed God. And Samuel was very sad. Samuel thought about Saul for a long time until God finally said “Samuel, how long are you going to be sad over king Saul? I have rejected him as king. Now get moving as I have something special for you to do. Get some olive oil and go to Bethlehem. Look for a man called Jesse, because I have chosen one of his sons to be the next king.

Well, that perked Samuel up a bit. But then he thought, „what if king Saul hears I‟m off to anoint another king. He might decide to kill me.‟ Then God said to Samuel, “Take a calf with you and tell them you have come to offer a sacrifice to me. Invite Jesse and his sons and I will tell you what to do. And remember you must only anoint as king the one I tell you to.”

So off Samuel went to Jerusalem. The city leaders came out when he arrived. They were all worried in case Gods prophet came with bad news. But Samuel said “This is a peaceful visit. I‟m here to sacrifice to God.” Then he invited Jesse and his family to join him. Well, that was a special privilege – so Jesse and his sons got spruced up and went off to see Samuel. When they arrived, Jesse introduced each of his sons to Samuel – Samuel looked at Eliab the oldest and said to himself, „my, this is a fine specimen of a man. He must be Gods choice for the next king.‟ But God said to Samuel, “Pay no attention to how tall and handsome he is. I have not chosen him as king. I don‟t judge the same way you judge. You look at what you see on the outside, but I look inside at the heart.”
Then Jesse brought Abinadab to Samuel. But the same thing happened, “no,” said Samuel, “God hasn‟t chosen him either.” So Shammah came forward. No, it wasn‟t him either. Jesse brought each son forward but God had chosen none of them. Finally Samuel said “I‟m sorry Jesse, God hasn‟t chosen any of these men. Do you have any more sons?”

“Well, there is the youngest, but he is out looking after the sheep.”
“Then go and get him,” said Samuel. “We will wait until he comes.”
The servants brought the youngest boy to Samuel – he may have been around 15 years old. He was handsome and healthy looking and God said, “This is the one. Anoint him.”

Can anyone tell me his name? (David).

So Samuel anointed David in front of his father and brothers.
This was the sign that David was to be the next king – and a wonderful king he was too. Although straight after this adventure, David went back to the sheep for a time. It was to be many more years before he finally became king. Meanwhile Samuel continued to serve God all his life just as his mother Hannah had promised.
What is the special lesson we can learn from this story?

(that it‟s what is in our hearts that is important to God – not what we look like on the outside. God can see our hearts, what we think of him, if we have asked Jesus into our hearts, if we want to obey God… God knows us through and through. And we shouldn‟t judge others because of what they look like. We should get to know people and learn what they are really like)

A young Hitler picture Mother Teresa
Convicted murderers
Ben Carson – famous Dr who helps many
Osama bin laden
Myra Hindley - murderer


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