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The Rich Fool

Luke 12:13-31

If you won a lot of money what would you do with it?
(Ask for a few ideas)
I wonder how wise we will really be if we become rich. And would we really be generous to others?

Reason for parable: Someone was fighting with their family over getting a fair share of an inheritance. He said to Jesus “Don’t you think my brother should share it with me?”

(Prep: Draw a farm/cropping background with a barn on a large card. Draw some extra barns and sheaves/bales of hay to add during the story.)

Jesus answered the man by telling him this story…… There was once a very rich man. He owned a large farm on very fertile land. It produced so many great crops that he didn’t know what to do with them all. He sold some, and stored the money in the bank. But he also kept some crops because he could get more money for them later in the season.
So his workers began stacking his crop – let’s call it hay. The hay bales filled all his barns and sheds and there were still more.
“Hmmmm” he said to himself, “What shall I do? I don’t want to sell it cheaply, Why should I? I’ve grown it all and I want to enjoy the benefits. And I’m certainly not going to give it away. I know – I’ll build bigger barns and then sell it later for a bigger profit. Wow! I am a lucky man. I have more money and goods than I can use, but I’ll party and enjoy myself for the rest of my life.”

But God spoke to the man and said, “You are a fool. Tonight you are going to die. So now what will happen to all these goods you have stored away just for yourself?”

And that night the rich man died!

Around us we have people who have heaps of money and possessions, and other people who have very little. Some of you may even come to Rally hungry some nights because Mum didn’t have much to feed you with. That doesn’t seem fair does it!
Do you ever feel like asking God ‘why don’t I have what someone else has? Why can’t you share things around God? Why should I miss out?”
my sister got new jeans but I didn’t

the teacher never chooses me to be leader

my friend got her bedroom re-decorated. Wish I could.

What else might seem unfair to you? (ask for only a few ideas)

Lesson: But God says to us in this parable that we shouldn’t let greed rule our life. We need to be rich in God’s eyes, not in ‘goods’. God is more interested in us getting eternal things, not temporary things.

Draw 2 columns on card/whiteboard. Ask for ideas that go under each heading – have a few ideas to start off with….
Temporary riches eternal riches
New clothes honesty
Ipad helping others
Money trusting God
Big house develop good character
Presents wisdom
Rich friends true friends
Having fun having salvation
God says PEOPLE are much more important than THINGS. Things go out of fashion, they rust, or get stolen. They wear out, or disappear. But PEOPLE are special.
people are made in Gods image

we can live forever with God if we ask Him to save us

what we do on earth has an effect on the rewards we receive in heaven.

So God says to put Him first. To make sure we obey Him and live in a way that pleases Him. And He goes on after this parable to tell us that if we put Him first then He will provide us with all that we need. This is a special promise. Listen to what He says…

Read Luke 12:22-31.

Pray – thanking God for His promise to always look after those who love and obey Him.


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