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Peter's Escape from Prison

This idea was taken from the Treasury Magazines children’s section and adapted for Rally. 

You can turn your story into a board game or use it for an activity after the Bible story to affirm what they have just learnt.

Leaders: See sample set of cards. Write your own Bible story with appropriate rewards/punishments. If you type it on the computer it is easy to print off a set for each team. Suggest 12-25 cards. Number them in order of the story. Cut and keep in sets.

You will need a board for each team (photocopy/enlarge this sample), set of cards, a dice and 1 counter for each member (different colours so they know their own). If you have more than 5-6 in a team you will need to divide. 

To play:

Place cards face down in a pile in correct order with number 1 on top. 

Take turns to throw the dice. Move the number of spaces the dice states.

If you land on a coloured space, then pick up the top card, read it aloud to everyone and follow the instructions. 

The first to reach 100 is the winner. 

If you use all your cards and no-one has reached the end, turn them all over again and reuse, or continue to play without cards until the first person reaches 100. 

Sample: Peter’s Escape from Prison. Acts 12.

1. King Herod arrested Peter. Miss a turn.
2. The people of the church were praying for Peter. Prayer is good. Go on 3.
3. Peter was tied with chains and he slept between 2 guards. Go back 2.
4. Angel appeared in the cell and woke Peter up. Have another turn.
5. “Come with me,” said the angel, and Peter’s chains fell off. Go on 2.
6. Peter followed the angel, but he wasn’t sure if it was real or a vision. Go on 3.
7. They came to the iron gates of the prison. Will they open? Peter doubted. Miss a turn.
8. The gates opened by themselves. Wow! Have another turn.
9. Once outside the gates Peter knew it was real. An angel had rescued him. Go on 4.
10. Peter went to a friend’s house where many people were praying. Go on 3.
11. Peter knocked on the door. Rhoda asked who was there but didn’t open the door. Go back 3.
12. Rhoda recognised Peter’s voice and with great joy went to tell the others. Go on 2.
13. Those praying didn’t believe Rhoda. Miss a turn.
14. Peter kept knocking and eventually they opened the door. Go on 2.
15. They were amazed that God had answered their prayers. They doubted. Go back 3. 
16. Peter explained how the angel had led him out of prison. Have another turn.
17. Peter left the area to be safe. Go on 4.
18. The next morning in prison there was terrible confusion among the guards. Go on 2.
19. The guards were blamed for Peter’s disappearance and put to death. Go back 2. 


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