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House Built on Sand and Rock

Parable – House built on Rock/Sand

Matt 7: 24-27

Reason for Parable: People wanted to be Jesus’ friends but they wouldn’t do what he was telling them.

Prep: Have a Bible to show, and maybe a car manual. Draw 2 houses – 1 on sand the other on rock. Draw another house fallen down on sand.

If you buy a car you get a manual/book as well. What does this manual have inside?
Instructions on how car parts work

What each car part is used for

How to fix the car if something goes wrong

How to treat the car to get it working to its best potential

So what would you think of someone who bought a new car but didn’t want the manual? (dumb!!)

I’m sure you have all been to the beach and played on the sand. Have you ever made a sandcastle near the water? What happens when the tide comes in? (sandcastle washes away) Who has stood on the sand and let the waves come up around your feet? What happens if you stay standing in one place? (sea washes away the sand from around your feet and you sink)

I’m going to tell you about 2 men that Jesus talked about. They were both builders.
No 1 builder said, “I’m going to build a house on this big rock. I’ll bore down into the rock and make sure the house is really solid and firm on its foundation.”

No 2 builder said, “I’m going to build a house on this lovely beach where I get a fabulous view of the sea. I’ll put my foundations down a long way to hold the house steady.”

So, both men built their houses. Then one day there was a big storm. The rain poured down, the wind blew hard and the river flooded over its banks.

The house on the rock had water rushing past, but the rock was so hard it didn’t erode away. The wind blew and the foundations still stayed firm and steady. The house was safe.

The house on the sand had water rushing past, and the water took some sand with it. Then the wind blew hard and the house swayed in the softness. The river flooded and flowed past the house taking even more sand with it. Finally the house fell down.

Jesus said “The person who builds on rock is wise. The person who builds on sand is foolish.”
What did Jesus mean by this?
He said “Whoever hears these words of mine (that means what the Bible says) and always obeys them is like a wise person building their life on the things that last.
Whoever hears these words of mine and does NOT obey them is like a foolish person – building their life on things that will disappear and disappoint.

Remember how we first talked about the car and using the manual to get the best out of your car?
Well how can we get the best out of our life?
* first we need to become a Christian don’t we! Then we have Jesus helping us. After that, if we want to be a wise Christian, what should we do, and why? (ask for ideas – there are some below- and write them on a card)
- read the Bible – it’s Gods instructions.
- think about what God says and try to obey it as that develops us and pleases God.
- find a church fellowship as we all need support and encouragement.
- use our gifts/abilities – we grow as a Christian this way.

Yes, Jesus has given us a manual – the Bible – and as He created us, he should know best how we should live. His instructions for living the best way are in it. So, if we follow God’s teachings we will have the greatest chance of happiness and a worthwhile life – like the wise builder.

Pray – that we will want to live as ‘wise’ people.


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