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A ‘Photography’ Devotion

Leaders need to plan a Bible story and lesson. Write out the script for telling it using flashcards or Power Point. Your own Rally members’ pictures will be the flashcards/power point photos!

  • Plan what dress-ups and props are needed and gather them together.
  • Find a good camera, and choose your ‘photographer’.
  • Set each scene – each scene can be for a different team; you may have 2-3 scenes for each team depending on the size of your Rally.
  • Have a leader organizing each team. They get their members dressed and in position for the photograph. Take some photographs of each scene. Then the team can change costumes and get ready for the next scene.

Then someone has to edit!! – choose the best photograph of each scene, and either print as large as possible and glue onto card, or put into a Power Point presentation.

Use this to tell the Bible story next Rally. This could be a great story to tell again at your Rally Break-up, Parents night etc where the parents will see their children in the story.


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