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Large Games you can make

These are some ideas from Break-free Arura. They are large versions and heaps of fun for kids to play. Worthwhile making and keeping for many activities.

Ten Pin Bowling

Find large newsprint rolls and paint them bright colours. Purchase a large exercise ball. Set up the pins and you have to knock them over with the exercise ball.


Long pieces of dowel with ends rounded. Paint various colours. You can decide on different values for each colour stick. Play pick-up-sticks with 2 teams. 1 from A team starts. When they move another one while picking theirs up, team B has a turn. They pick up until they move one etc. The winning team is the one with the most sticks or the most value of sticks.


Purchase 11 large cork tiles. Cut into halves.

Draw a line with a vivid pen through the centre of each rectangle piece of cork. Using felt pens, round stickers or similar, place circles onto each side of the cork tile. You will need:

1-1; 1-2; 1-3; 1-4; 1-5; 1-6; 2-2; 2-3; 2-4; 2-5; 2-6; 3-3; 3-4; 3-5; 3-6; 4-4; 4-5; 4-6; 5-5; 5-6; 6-6.

Turn tiles over so they are randomly mixed. For 2 teams, each team chooses a tile until they have 6 each. For 3 team pick 5 each and for 4 teams pick 4 each. Whoever has the highest double tile starts. Then you go clockwise, with the next team placing a tile to match a number already down. If they can’t match it they pick up one more tile from pile and miss a turn. Continue around until all tiles are taken. Then if a team cannot put a tile down, they miss a turn. Continue until one team gets all their tiles down. They win.

Marble Throw

Use a large square of wood (chipboard, pinex etc). This picture shows bottle tops glued onto board. An option is to collect milk bottle lids and staple them onto the board. Have mainly blue lids with red/grey ones interspersed. Marbles are thrown to land inside lids. If they land in a red/grey lids they are worth more points.


Large squares of sponge foam. (Cut up an old mattress)

Use a permanent large marker pen, or paint to paint the dots onto each side of the square. Use to play games or choose numbers. Great fun to use for the old favourites like ‘if you get a six you can cut a piece of chocolate from the chocolate slab’.


On a large sheet mark 20 squares. Label the rows across – A B C D, & rows down, 1-5. Place a variety of objects – 1 per square – onto the sheet. Set up & then cover until needed. Uncover sheet & give members 60 secs to look at it, then cover it again. Give each person (or team)a piece of paper with a grid on it (20 squares) & a pencil. They write what they can remember in the squares. Allow 2 mins only to do this. Give 1 point per item correct & 2 points if the item is in the correct square.


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