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Indoor Burma Trail

With wet & cold weather at present, this is one way to do a Burma trail inside.

Using thick string, attach some objects every so often along the string length (spoon, nail, ice block stick, onion, comb etc). Use about 12 objects that have a distinct shape & can be easily tied to the string. Blindfold everyone (you will need lengths of material or lots of teatowels!). You can either:
- Have 2 leaders holding the string. Everyone moves along feeling each object as they come to it… or
- Place string around the room over chairs, around table etc to make it fun to follow. (Remember they are blindfolded so ‘be safe’.)
Then take away the string. Undo blindfolds. Give each person (or work in teams) a piece of paper and pen. They have to write down all the objects they felt – preferably in order!
Give them 1 point for each object they got correct, & 2 points if they were in the correct order.

Gorilla-Man-GunThis game is like paper-scissors-rock. Have everyone pair off and stand in 2 lines, with each pair opposite each other, back to back. They will have to assume one of three positions.
Gorilla – hands up in air, teeth snarling & says grroowwwlll.
Man – hands on hips, says ‘Hi there’.
Gun – both hands draw imaginary gun from hips & shout ‘bang’.
Then the Leader calls, “one, two, three.” Each person turns round to face their partner, & assumes the position as they turn around! No hesitations. Then decide who has won and the losers sit out and watch. Winners pair up again and game is repeated until there is a winner.
Winners are determined as follows:
  1. If 1 person is ‘man’ and 1 is ‘gun’ the man wins, because he has power over the gun.
  2. If 1 person is ‘gun’ and 1 is ‘gorilla’, the gun wins because the gorilla can be shot by the gun.
  3. If 1 person is ‘gorilla’ and 1 is ‘man’, gorilla wins since the gorilla can kill the man.
  4. If both persons choose the same, then try again. (Both win). If they tie a second time they will both be out.  


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