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Fun Relays

Try these fun relays… it is important to have the same number of persons in each team when doing these relays. If you can’t even up the teams, ask some members to help you spot who is first, or have a spare leader join a team to even up the numbers.

Boat Race Relay
Teams line up, each member squatting and holding the team-mate in front by the waist. Each team has a leader who stands facing the team. They grasp the hands or wrists of the first member. On the signal, the leader starts to walk backwards, with the team bouncing forward in unison until the last person has crossed the finishing line. The team is disqualified if any member doesn’t squat down properly, stands up or breaks the chain.

Serpent Relay
Players line up in teams with members placing their right hand back between their legs to be grasped by the left hand of the player behind. On the signal, the team runs forward, round a marker and back across the starting line. The team is disqualified if the line is broken.

Centipede Relay
Players stand with their legs apart grasping the ankles of their team-mate in front of them. On the signal, the team must waddle forward simultaneously moving the correct legs until they cross the finish line. The team is disqualified if the link is broken.

Caterpillar Relay
Teams lie on their stomachs, side-by-side, very close together. (best to have small kids in between larger ones.) On the signal, the first team member rolls over the others in the team and lays down at the end of the line. Then the next one rolls over everyone to the end. Repeat till all the team has had a turn. Have a leader watching each team. As the one rolling gets to the end of their team, the leader can tell the next one to go.

Pantyhose Softball Relay
Knee high stocking panty hose
Softballs/cricket balls or similar (needs to be heavy)
Masking Tape
Place softballs in the bottom of each knee high panty hose. Make a starting line and finish line with masking tape. Blow up balloons to grapefruit size and place at the starting line.In this relay the first person in each team ties the panty hose with the softball around their waist or to their belt where the softball hangs to 2-3cm off the ground. Without touching the panty hose members swing their hips to get the softball to bump the balloon from the starting line to the finish line and back for the next person.


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