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Farm Day

Ideas from an activity at Break-free Arura.

· These can be used for a camp or adapted for a Rally afternoon/night programme.
· Have members come dressed as ‘Farmers’ & give prizes to the best dressed (or the best in each team).
· Divide Rally into teams – mix ages/sexes to be fair.
· If you have 3 minutes at each activity & a 2 minute changeover time, this will be a 40-45 minute programme.
· Use as many (or as few) of these ideas as you want – add your own creations.
· Leader needs a whistle and timer to move teams to next activity.

  1. It’s getting hot out here: Work out the average temperature for your town during the week of (whatever the date of newspaper you have). Tell them what page to find the information on.
    Props – newspaper, calculator
    Points – 10 points if correct
  2. It’s calving time: Make a ‘cow’ as per picture or use a bucket with a cover cut in centre with a cross so they can’t see inside. Fill with gelatine mixture & place 3-5 soft toy animals of similar size inside. They put their arm in and feel for the calf (or lamb) & pull it out.
    Props – 3-5 soft toys, 1 being a calf/cow (or lamb). Gelatine mix, drum or bucket, extra water & towel
    Points: 1 point when correct animal (calf/lamb) is pulled out
  3. Sudoku: Work out the puzzle – each square & row must contain the numbers 1-9. Make it an ‘easy’ one as they only have 3 minutes
    Props – as many copies of the Sudoku as there are teams, pens
    Points: 1 point per small square correct
  4. Over the sheaf goes: Using a pitchfork, take turns at tossing the sheaf over an obstacle or wire
    Props: pitchfork, hay-filled sack or similar, something to throw sheaf over
    Points: 1 point each time sheaf goes over
  5. Spud races: Set 4 quoits or rings about 1 metre apart. Taking 1 potato at a time, the first team member places it inside a ring then back for next one etc. Next person brings them back to the team one at a time and so on.
    Props: 4 potatoes & 4 quoits or rings
    Points: 1 point for each potato moved
  6. Boot Scootin: Each person takes a turn to throw the gumboot as far as they can. Collect and bring it back to next person
    Props: gumboot, 3 pegs/standards set at different distances
    Points: 1, 2 or 3 points depending which peg it is thrown past
  7. Electric fence: Place 2 long standards about 1½ -2m apart. Tie some rope across, down and diagonal to make random sized ‘holes’. (see photo) Put/help each team member through the ‘electric fence’ without touching the ropes. They can’t all use the largest hole.
    Props: standards, ropes
    Points: 2 points as each goes through a different hole successfully. 1 point if they use the same hole as someone else
  8. Farm yard Bob: Bob the farmer has some difficult tasks to perform… help him sort out his problems. Remember they are ‘logic’ problems, not maths!
    Props: paper with questions, 1m length of rope
    Points: 2 points for each correct solution.

Farmer Bobs questions (and solutions!)

Slightly unsteady under the load, farmer Bob places 2 x 25kg bags of potatoes over his shoulders & carries them to his truck. The bags of spuds are to be taken to town to be sold. The farmhand carries 3 bags. Who is stronger? ( Farmer Bob. The farmhand carried 3 empty bags)
Can you tie a knot in a piece of rope without letting go of either of the ends? (Cross your arms, pick up each end in a hand, then uncross your arms)

 Is it more correct to say ‘the herd of sheep is eating in the field’ or ‘the herd of sheep are eating in the field’? (neither – it is a flock of sheep)
 Farmer Bob is using his tractor to transport manure from his cowshed to 2 of his paddocks. After working all day he has created 4 heaps in his barley paddock & another 3 in his wheat paddock. There is so much manure in his cowshed that the following day he moves the same amount into each paddock again. How many piles of manure will he end up with if, on the third day, he puts all the heaps together in a third paddock? (1 large heap)
Farmer Bob has a problem. He has to take a goat, a fox & a cabbage across the river. His boat will only take 2 occupants at time. How can he get them all safely over without any of them being eaten? ( take the goat and cabbage over & bring cabbage back, then take fox & cabbage over)


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