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Crab Tag

(Game developed by Bruce Clark from Levin Rally)

This game is a type of Dodgeball, but everyone is against everyone else.
A ball may be picked up by anyone at any stage of the game, and thrown at anyone else. The thrower may not move with the ball, or take longer than a count of 3 to throw. The scoring is in how many times you are hit:
            1 hit – you lose an arm (run with it behind your back)
            2 hits – you lose 2 arms. You may still pick up/throw/catch the ball, but you run with 2 arms behind your back.
            3 hits – you lose a leg and must hop.
            4 hits – you become a crab & crawl backwards.

The last person to become a crab is the winner.

Special Rules:

  • Hits only count below the neck.
  • If a person is hit in the head, the thrower automatically becomes a crab.
  • If you catch the ball, you can throw it. If you try to catch the ball and drop it, it’s a hit.
  • If you take too long to throw the ball, it’s a hit. 


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