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This game requires 4 teams of equal size. Each team takes one corner of the room or playing field. The play area can be wither square or rectangular. At the signal, each team attempts to move as quickly as possible to the corner directly across from them (diagonally), performing the stated activity as they go. The first team to get all its members into its new corner wins that round. 

The first round can be simply running to the opposite corner, but then you can use any number of possibilities. Eg, walking backwards, piggyback, hop, wheelbarrow racing (one person is the wheelbarrow and one holds the legs while they walk on their hands), somersaults, skipping, crab walking, duck walking…. There will be mass ‘bedlam’ in the centre as all 4 teams meet.

Note: this is a good game with no elimination. The last person doesn’t sit out – it is the first complete team that gets the point. Or you could give 3 points to the first team, 2 to the second and 1 to the third team. Keep a points total to find eventual winner.


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