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Basket Balloon

Divide the players into two teams. At either end of the hall have a large bucket or similar receptacle for the goals. Prepare a supply of rolled up newspapers, (or foam noodles as pictured here) & inflated balloons. Line each team up along the side walls and number the players off, numbering each team from opposite ends (ie. one team from 1-10.. & the other from 10-1.. (or however many there are). Place one balloon and two newspaper rolls in the centre of the room. When a number is called, the player from each team who has that number, races out to pick up the newspaper roll and hit the balloon down to their goal. Once a goal is gained, or after a short time, call out another 2 numbers.

Option: If you have a larger number of members you might have four rolls and call out four numbers at a time. 


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