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Balloon Mouth

Preparation: lots of pre-filled water balloons, and some 10 litre buckets. 


Divide your group into equal teams of 4-6 in each team. Line each team up behind a bucket that is filled with 15-18 water balloons. It’s important that each bucket contains the same number of balloons. 

20 feet away from each lined-up team is another bucket that’s empty. When the leader says GO, the first person in the line bends down and grabs a water balloon from the bucket – using ONLY his/her mouth – and runs it to the empty bucket and carefully drops it in. As soon as the first person has successfully grabbed a balloon from the first bucket and has started running toward the second bucket, the next person in line does the same thing. Continue until all the balloons have been transferred. 

At the end of the game (whether you set a time limit…or based on balloons popped) the team with the most intact balloons in the second bucket wins. 

NOTE: Since this is like a relay race, make sure you limit the number of players to 4-6 students on each team. That way, students at the back of the line do not get bored.

The action keeps everyone moving.


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