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Amusement Pack

This can be put together and sold. Vary some items according to age/gender.

You want something that costs you about $3 and sells for $5.

Suggested ideas: 

2 pencils, 1 rubber and pencil sharpener, Lollipop, refresher towel, origami papers and instructions, photocopied 'spot the difference’ picture, picture to colour , maze, cartoon story, Rally Bible quiz photocopied (without the name and address section!) 

Photocopies cost about 10c per page. 

The $2 shop has packets pf pencils, pens, rubbers etc that can be separated. 

Maybe add some more lollies, French knitting cotton reel (they can provide the wool), list of game ideas to play in the car eg. first to see a horse – count how many you spot, each one choose a colour of car and then count how many of ‘your’ colour, see who can spot their name on the number plates first – eg. sarah = find an S, then an A etc in the correct order.

Purchase plastic bags to place each set into. Label with suitable age range.


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