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Amazing Race

This is an adaption of the Senior National Camp idea – to be used on a Rally night.

Change or create your own activities so they are more suitable to your needs.

Build a bridge – Using mini marshmallows and raw spaghetti, build a bridge strong enough to hold a tennis ball. The bridge must be at least 5cm in the air. 

Puzzle – Cut a large card (per team) into approximately 7 pieces with straight edges. They put the pieces of puzzle together to remake a rectangle. 

Giants feet – 3 people from the team have to ‘walk’ the giants feet across the line. (giants feet are 3 pairs of gumboots or pieces of tyre tube attached to planks.) 

Team Races – Each person in the team has to be involved in at least one activity.

egg & spoon – without dropping it, run around marker 
4-legged race – 3 people around marker and back 
Sack – jump around marker and back. 
Balloon run – jump or hobble around marker and back with balloon between knees. 
Quoits – throw quoits until you get 1 quoit over post

Story Word Search – we wrote out a story, leaving gaps for obvious words – then also had a word-finder search grid with those words in. They had to find the word, circle it in the grid and write it in the gap. 

Crossing the River– Each team is given a number of pieces of card (1 less than team members). They have to cross a given stretch of ground, standing only on the pieces of card. Card has to be moved from last person down the team to front person, who places it on ground, steps on it and team all move further along, then repeat. Aim is to move faster than others. 

Pyramids – make a pyramid from team members, kneeling on ground and on top of each other. Have leader overseeing for safety. If you have 6 in a team you could have 3 kneeling, then 2 on top of them and 1 on top again. If 8 in team it might be 4 on ground, 3 on top of them and 1 on top again. 

Milk Pool – Have a paddling pool filled with milky water (so you can’t see the bottom). Add marbles, then use feet to search for and pick up WITH TOES, 10 marbles for your team. Add ice cubes to confuse them!

Pointers: Each team will need to start on the same activity (eg. No 1 in this sample) You will need 1 for each team of the puzzle, team races equipment, story word search (or your choice of activities) and enough marbles for a few teams if they arrive together. But for the others it is first arrived have a go, then the other teams have to wait their turn in order of arrival. They still have opportunities to catch up at the next activity. It is not always the first there that is first completed. Do finish with activities that all teams can do at the same time. 


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