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Wrapping Paper


  • Newsprint
  • Kids non-toxic water-based dye
  • Spray bottles
  • Aprons and plastic bread bags (for protection of clothes)


1. Lay out sheets of newsprint. Fill spray bottles with dye.
2. Each person to put on an apron or other covering to protect clothes (I washed a shirt covered in dye and it came clean with one wash). Place plastic bread bags over feet/shoes. It is hard not to walk in the dye, and you don’t want it walked inside!
3. Choose a colour dye and spray it over the sheet – it doesn’t have to totally cover it.
4. Choose another colour and more sparingly, spray the sheet. Repeat with as many colours as you want.
5. You can lay each sheet on the other when completed – it does seep through a little but makes extra patterns and is not an issue.
6. Take the plastic bags off feet and discard. Wash hands.
7. Hang up to dry on clothes line, drying rack or leave on ground.

Note: you will get dye on the ground so spray it on the grass, not concrete!


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