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Money Boxes


  • Floridia (wafer) tins, cocoa tins or similar
  • masking tape, 
  • nugget  
  • an old rag OR
  • wallpaper and scissors
  • glue
  • tin snips 
  1. Using tinsnips, cut a rectangle hole in the lid. 
  2. Tape the lid on so it is not so tempting to empty the money out again!
  3. Either stick pieces of masking tape over tin, making sure to cover all of the tin OR cut wallpaper to fit around the side of the tin and then glue it on. 
  4. If you used masking tape, now nugget all over the tape and rub gently in. 
  5. If you used wallpaper, find some decorations (lace, buttons, dried leaves etc) and glue to the front.


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