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Hair Clips


  • 2 different colours felt
  • 3 domes, glue, pinking shears
  • Needle & thread to match
  • Lace, ribbons and other decorations


1. Using pinking shears, cut out 3 pieces of felt as follows – 

a) main colour (outside piece) – 24cm x 13cm 

b) second colour – (inside pieces) 1 x 20cm x 10 ½ cm

c) 1 x 16cm x 10 ½ cm. Also cut 2 pieces felt (either colour) 8cm x 2cm

2. Take the 3 large pieces of felt and lay a down, then b on top and c on top of that.

3. Mark a centre line and hand stitch through all 3 layers. You may need to pin them in place first.

4. Sew a dome to each side of piece a, on the inside.

5. Using the small strips of felt (8cm x 2cm) & 2 domes, sew these on one end of the small strips and sew the other end of the small strip firmly to the felt piece b. 

6. Sew 1 dome to each end of inside of the largest felt piece, so it can be domed shut.

7. Cut a piece of ribbon or lace & glue over the main stitching line inside and centre front outside. 

8. Decorate the outside of piece a with lace, ribbon, decorations.

9. Hairclips can be attached to one of the strips. Hair ties to another by undoing the dome, placing them onto the strip and doing up dome again. Clip others to edges of felt or pin inside. 


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