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Make enough ‘fish’ out of coloured paper for half your Rally members, and duraseal or laminate them. Place children in pairs around a table with a fish between the pairs. 

Remember 3 words – RIVER, BANK, FISH. 
‘River’ is the child’s lap – they slap their lap twice if you call it out. 
‘Bank’ – they slap the table 2 times. 
‘Fish’ is when they try to grab the fish before their partner does. (Hence the duraseal!)

Eg. to play, you might call out ‘bank, bank, river, bank, river, river, river, bank, bank, FISH’. Just keep it moving fast. The person who misses out can sit out and winners find a new partner and try again until only 2 are left. One will be the ultimate winner. 

Option: Seat members in a long row. Work up and down the row with partners seated beside each other. Winners move up to next pair while the loser comes back a pair. Continue for a set time. Whoever is in ‘top’ position when the time is up is the ultimate winner. 


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