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Coconut Bird Feeders


  • Coconuts halved (best done before Rally!) 
  • 2m twine 
  • Shower curtain ring or hook
  • Scissors
  • Awl or drill with small bit

Note: you can Google ‘open a cocount’ to find ways to do this!


  1. You can choose to remove some of the coconut meat if desired – but do leave some as many birds enjoy it.
  2. Drill 3 equally spaced holes around the rim of the coconut. 
  3. Cut twine into 3 equal lengths. Thread one length of twine through one of the holes, bringing the ends together evenly. Repeat with the two other holes. 
  4. Hold all the strings together and knot at the top. Make sure all the strings are the same length so the coconut will hang properly. 
  5. Use a hook or shower curtain ring to suspend the bird feeder from a tree branch. 
  6. Tell them to fill it with bird seed or food scraps. 


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