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Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat – pencil top or finger puppet

  • Pipe Cleaners – 2x red, 1x white, 3x black
  • Pom Poms- 1 large white, 1 tiny black
  • Googly Eyes- 2 each
  • Glue (Hot glue gun works best, but regular glue will suffice, it just takes longer to dry)
  • Wire Cutters (So you don’t ruin your scissors cutting the pipe cleaners)
  • A small 3 inch piece of black thread – for whiskers
  1. Make the puppet base by using two black pipe cleaners and wind them around your finger.
  2. Wind a red and white pipe cleaner around your finger to make the top of the hat, then after three turns, start winding them together (over the top of the last wind around) to make the brim. The wire is so easy to work with and so forgiving, don’t worry if it seems to come out all wonky – it’s super easy to fix into whatever shape you want. To make the top of the hat, simply coil the top pipe cleaner piece a little smaller.
  3. Glue the white pompom to the black body.
  4. Glue the hat to the white pom pom.
  5. From the last black pipe cleaner bend two small black pieces as shown for ears, and glue them to the sides of the head just below the hat. The rest of the black gets cut into 2 and glued out each side as arms.
  6. Cut the thread into two 1 1/2 inch pieces, and glue them to the back of the tiny black nose pom pom. This is a little tricky because both are so small – younger children might need help with this part.
  7. Glue the nose to the middle of the front of the cat face.
  8. Glue the googly eyes right above the nose.
  9. Tie the other red pipe cleaner into a bow and glue onto front.


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