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Button Necklace


  • 3 lengths of wax thread (each 1m long)
  • Buttons of your choice
  • A button with a shank
  • 3 embroidery needles
  • Clear nail polish
  1. Sort the buttons – lay them out as you want them to be in the necklace. (this ensures that once you are halfway you have the same number etc to match the first half.)
  2. Start with the button with the shank and tie your 3 threads to it. Apply clear nail polish to ends to stop them unraveling.
  3. Using 1 thread, thread 3 buttons on to it, then do the same with the 2 other threads
  4. Knot the 3 threads together. Repeat No 3 procedure until you get to the desired length for your necklace.
  5. For the end, plait the 3 threads together, make a loop so it fits over the shank button, tie off and apply clear nail polish to this end also. 


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