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Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Cards/Picture


  • Card in different colours (black, white, brown, red, yellow etc)Scissors, glue, pencils
  • Cotton buds
  • Small containers of paint (red, yellow, orange, green, blue)
  • The colours used are the colours of nature…


  1. Fold card in half.
  2. You may choose to glue another smaller sized paper/card on outside of card.
  3. Draw with pencil an outline of what your picture or pattern is to be.
  4. Using paint and cotton buds, dot colours over picture to colour it.  

Aboriginal Body Art


  • Cotton buds
  • Calamine lotion


  1. Have members work in pairs.
  2. Dip cotton bud into calamine lotion and make patterns on arm, or back of hands. This just washes off in water.
  3. Make it a competition and judge the end results.

Hand Canvas Art


  • Medium canvas’s or calico square
  • Ball point pen
  • Spray bottle with watery natural coloured paint inside
  • (they used ochre & water)
  • Bucket of water & flannel (for washing hands)


  1. Place hand on canvas and spray around it.
  2. Write your name inside hand space
  3. Next person place hand on and do same.
  4. Repeat till all spaces are filled with hands.

Human Snake Art


  • Water based paint in green, red, yellow & blue
  • Paintbrushes thick & fine size


  1. Choose a few Leaders (seniors can work in pairs to paint each others feet) who are good at art.
  2. Paint a wide strip across both feet in same colour.
  3. Using the other colours, paint circles, dots, lines or animals onto the base colour. Leave to dry.
  4. (choose 1 person to have snakes head & another the tail. Paint accordingly)
  5. Line members up with head first & tail at end. Every second person to sit, others to 
  6. stand and that way the feet can be close together to form the snake as in photos.


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