Sitting Badge Awards

No it’s not hard!!! In fact you could hold a Badge Camp just with an overnighter at your Rally Hall/church. 
Kids love being together and having fun. Many also enjoy earning badges – so why not put the two together.

Sitting Awards


  • Earn the Rally Members badge, and at least nine other Level Two badges.
  • Revise the information on the badges you have earned.
  • Refresh your memory on the Rally Promise, Rally Motto, and the verses from the Rally Members, Aims and Efficiency Level Two. These will need to be written out in full for the Iron and Bronze Awards.
  • Bring paper, pen, eraser and a great memory to the exam!


  • Check which members hold the correct number of Level Two badges for the Award they are sitting. Also make sure they are over the minimum age required. Then encourage them to sit the Award.
  • Set a suitable time, date & venue for sitting the Award.
  • Write to Mrs Raewyn Storey, (see address on page 3 of this magazine) requesting an Alpha, Iron (or whichever) Award Paper or Papers.
  • Arrange for another adult to be present with you at the exam, so that your integrity is upheld as having run the exam fairly.
  • Write out a list of the Level Two badges (or Level One badges if it is for the Alpha Award) held by each member and confirm that he/she has attended a Rally Camp at some stage.
  • Remind the Rally member that they need to know the Rally promise, Code & Motto, Aims & verses from Rally Members and Efficiency badges.
  • Have spare paper and pens available.

At Exam

Explain carefully what they need to do:

  • Check the time and be sure to give them the whole allotted time, plus the time given for reading the questions and deciding which ones they will be answering.
  • Tell the candidate they can ask the supervising adult questions on the meaning of the question/word, how to spell a word, or to check if they are doing something right. Just don’t give them the answers!
  • Fifteen minutes before the time is up, (if still going) check they are close to finishing and have answered the correct number of badges.
  • If they are finished before the time is up, get them to check that all their questions are answered and suggest they go over their answers and fill in any ‘blanks’ they have left or add anything more they can remember to their answers.
  • Check that all details of name, age, badges held, name of Rally etc have been completed correctly.
  • Place the question & answer papers into an envelope. Add the list of their badges etc to the envelope.
  • Address the envelope and post to Mrs Raewyn Storey, Springs Rd, RD1, Matamata, 3471.
  • Bite your nails till the results come back!!

Awards of Merit

The Awards of Merit are the Alpha Award (for Level One badges), and the Iron, Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards. Details of these Awards are to be found in the Rally Handbook.

Our job as Leaders is to provide an opportunity for Rally Members to gain badges, to encourage them in this, and for those who really enjoy learning new skills, we should be helping them to do the extra learning so they can achieve a high standard. 

Alpha Award – This is especially for junior members who are keen on earning badges. They only have to have Level One badges for this Award. Encourage all those who have enough Level One badges to sit for their Alpha Award - it may be the start they need to keep them keen. The Alpha Award is well within the capabilities of most Rally Members.

Iron, Bronze, Silver& Gold Awards – Members need to earn Level Two badges to sit these Higher Awards. The Certificate of Merit you receive when you have passed these Awards is great to include in your CV and is a personal confidence boost to them.


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