Badges at Home

Get a Badge Workbook!

It is helpful if members have an exercise book to put their badge-work into. You can spend one rally night covering and decorating it. Each rally member will need their own Badge Handbook. If it is a badge that needs practical work being done eg. make your bed for a month (Homecraft) or passed a school cycle test (Cycling), members can bring a note from parent/teacher signed and saying it was completed, otherwise the information can be written/drawn into their exercise book and/or article made brought along to show you.

It is always the best idea to give out badges as often as possible rather than waiting till the end of the year to give out. Receiving a badge in front of the Rally encourages them and gives others an incentive to work towards badges.

Badges at Rally: 
As Rally leaders, don’t be afraid to teach badges. There is information in the Badge Manual. It is currently being updated – some sections are already available on disc for $4 from Rally Supplies. The internet can give you information on a badge you may want to teach. Or look for those in your church or community who have the skills to help. Most folk won’t charge, but suitable reimbursement for time and travel would be appropriate for example to St John’s Ambulance.

Types of badges:
Memory and self-effort – eg. rally members, Efficiency, Cultural, Scripture, Gardening… you can motivate and encourage members, but they must do the work themselves.
Leaders instruction – these are badges you can do at Rally. The Leader magazine sometimes has suggestions/information for taking badges. Check back copies (or contact editor if you don’t have back copies). You could take your Rally for a badge during-
Hobby time – craft, pokerwork, carpentry, home skills…
Devotional time – Bible project, bible history, Bible study…
Games time – Gymnast, Aerobics, dance & Movement..
Camps & Outings – Camp cooking, cyclist, outdoor…
Special Nights – Art night (come dressed as artists), Missionary night (have a game, hobby, activity from country of missionary)…

Tried and tested Policies:
Each member should keep all badge projects in an exercise book/folder. It is a permanent record, and available for revision if they sit Awards.
Have a set standard for testing badges. Eg. put one leader in charge of badge-work to produce an even marking system.
Leaders – keep an accurate record of each members badges. They can lose badges and you need to replace them! This enables you to check what badges they have earned, if lost. You can also check who has earned enough badges to do their efficiency, who is due their Junior Star, or who can sit Awards.

Suggest you have some written questions for the most commonly earned badges – use for testing. Don’t make it too stringent like exams! True/false questions are easy to answer and cover the information.


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